What are the Secrets to Achieving Success

July 31, 2014 |


Once, somebody asked a successful business person – what would you rather be, smart or lucky?  Then the business person laughed at such a silly question.  She thought about it for a while and blurted out, “I would rather be lucky!”

According to the 2013 National Polls conducted in the United States, only one-third of Americans consider themselves happy.  Taking this into consideration, we can say that 67 percent of Americans are unhappy with their situation and the life they are living.

Experts say that the recent recession is the cause for the decrease in happiness.  People seem to associate happiness with wealth.  And, the lack of it means unhappiness for them because they are forced to be contented with less.

The meaning of success can be very subjective.  One’s perception of success may not be what others perceive it to be.  Take for example, an employee who has just been promoted to the highest position in their company.  For him, this already spells success.  But for a celebrity who is earning millions every month, what the employee has achieved is just next to nothing.

Knowing the subjective characteristic of success, we can say that achieving a great sense of fulfillment and gaining something that makes you extremely happy is your definition of success.  

But before we achieve what success means to us, we have to start somewhere.  Great minds all have certain things in common.  So, if you want to reach your goals, you have to align your thoughts and adopt the kind of positivity that is innate in successful people.

If you were born and raised not having enough belief in yourself and don’t have the capacity to think and act like successful people do, it is time for you to reflect on how you think, behave and react when faced with seemingly impossible circumstances.  If you have finally gotten to know your true self, it is the perfect time to teach you, the secrets to overcoming your own limiting beliefs, and the secrets on how to “recreate” your natural programming.

1.  Connect with your true self and understand YOUR own values, beliefs and passion. You will be using your mind and heart.

2.  Be clear about what YOU want to Be, Have and Do and set goals accordingly, which are in alignment with your values, beliefs and passion.

3.  Go within and understand your limiting beliefs, which mostly come from early childhood experiences. You will need to overcome them in order to be successful and to achieve your goals.

4.  Tap into your powerful mastermind (both the conscious and subconscious parts), and take the necessary actions to achieve YOUR goals, which you set in step 2.

5.  Have full faith, believe in yourself and don’t let anyone try to discourage you.

This is your first step in your path to success.  The worst enemy you will face is yourself.  Your limiting beliefs can sometimes thwart you from becoming the best that you can be in the field of your choice.  Negativity can take the best of us, and it takes a whole lot of mental re-programming to think, behave, and react like wise people do.

Take the first step in changing your life now.  With the right mindset and the right strategies, you can attain success.  NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE.