Think Your Way Towards Success by Stopping Limiting Beliefs – 7 Simple Steps

September 9, 2014 |

“Your biggest enemy is yourself.” This is a line you would usually hear from people who have made significant accomplishments in their life.  Although some people would raise an eyebrow hearing this, there is actually a lot of truth hidden in this line. 

How we think now stem from our past experiences and how we were raised by our parents.  If you have been brought up in a home where you had no voice in everything, then you will most likely grow up with a lot of limiting beliefs.  Changing these limiting beliefs will need a complete overhaul of your mentality, which takes a lot of work.  But following these steps will help you banish negativity in your life and allow you to move forward with a clearer set of goals and a renewed way of thinking.

1st Step: Identify beliefs that keep you from achieving great things

This first step requires a lot of self assessment.  You first need to find out where you currently are in terms of achieving your lifelong dreams.  If you have done nothing to accomplish your goals, then find out what’s stopping you.  Is it because you lack belief in your skills and talents?  Do you think you don’t have what it takes to be rich?  

The first thing that you will have to recreate is your perception of yourself.  If you think you are absolutely in no position to succeed or gain wealth, then you should start a debate in your mind.  Be your own defender.  If your mind tells you that every decision you ever made in your life was wrong, disprove yourself by thinking of the past decisions where you were correct.  Debate with yourself, and expose all your strengths.  This is the only way you can start a mental overhaul.  Be honest, and try your best to disprove your negative thoughts about yourself.

2nd Step: Transform your negative beliefs into positive beliefs

How you see yourself has a great impact on your actions and decisions.  Look at yourself in a positive light.  If negativity creeps up, try to overcome it by enumerating the positive and successful decisions you have done in the past. 

Be confident about your talents and skills, and exude it wherever you go.  Confidence is an attractive quality that draws people closer to you.  And if you believe you have what it takes to lead and succeed, then others will also believe you. 

If it can help, try overestimating your qualities to make you believe you are capable of succeeding in many aspects.  Focus on the good things about yourself and try to nurture a positive relationship with your spirit.

3rd Step: Don’t confuse doubt with intuition

It is normal to be unsure of the things in the future, but it should not keep you from moving forward.  Some people have this misconception that when they are doubtful about the outcome of a particular business decision, then it is sure to fail.

Even the smartest person doesn’t have the capability to accurately foretell what the future holds, and so do you.  Thus, you should not entertain your doubts and mistakenly think it is your intuition that prevents you from taking on opportunities. 

4th Step: Work your way towards excellence

Perfection in all aspects is impossible, since no one can live a perfect life.  However, you can get to the best version of yourself if you work hard enough and strive to get better and better each day.

Aiming for perfection and not being satisfied with just being great can sometimes hold you back.  So, take it easy on yourself and don’t beat yourself up when you make mistakes.  Mistakes can cause temporary setbacks, but these mistakes educate you in more ways than you know.

Do not strive for perfection, because it rarely ever happens considering we are all human and are thus prone to errors of judgment.  However, excellence can be your motivator to keep moving forward. 

5th Step: Not having money now does not mean you will have no money in the future

Mathematically, you cannot multiply zero with another number and come up with a number higher than zero.  This may be true in math, but not in life and business. There are many millionaires who swear to have started out with no money at all, but with just an idea.  There are also successful people who gained wealth by using other people’s money.  While there are others who became billionaires mostly out of their ability to think differently and formulate solutions to common problems.

6th Step: Pursue your passion

It is wrong to think that you have to work like a dog and suffer to be wealthy.  In reality, the most successful people have jobs that they love doing.  Being passionate about what you do can increase your chances of becoming successful.  So if you are passionate about something, pursue it.  Don’t become a lawyer or a doctor just because you believe these careers can provide limitless income.

If you set your thoughts on the things you love doing, you are most likely to be successful in it.  Identify where your passion lies, and strive to be the greatest in that industry.  You will soon realize that you are not really working at all, but just doing the things that you love, because with passion comes dedication.

7th Step: Learn to forgive and let go

You cannot hold onto a grudge and expect to live a happy life.  A grudge brings forth negativity in your life which you should steer clear from.  If you have been hurt and would like to get revenge, the feeling may be sweet during the first few times.  But eventually, your grudge will get the best of you and make you feel unhappy.  It is always forgiveness that will set you free and allow you to heal from the inside.

You have the key to your own happiness.  Instead of looking for negative things within yourself, why don’t you focus on finding the positive traits that you have?  Be grateful for what you have, though they may be little based on the standards of others.  Do your best and believe that by doing your best, you have done exactly what you set out to do.