The Top 5 Human Fears and What You Can Do to Conquer Them

August 21, 2014 |


Fear is a strong emotion, yet a natural mechanism that exists to protect us from our surroundings.  While there are fears that are reasonable, there are also fears that are weird and absurd.  The following are the top 5 human fears that many people share.  Know what they are and how to handle them.

5.  Loss of Freedom

The fear of losing one’s freedom has always been a fear a person has. It may have stemmed from the time you were grounded in your room for several days after having done something unacceptable.  This is also why people avoid doing things that are unlawful.  They fear going to jail and losing their freedom. 

4.  Fear of the Unknown

We always want to be in situations that we have complete control of.  It is the lack of control over things that makes us fear it.  We move forward because we know what is waiting for us.  The fear of the unknown comes from this mental belief that if we know what’s out there, we are in control.  If we don’t then we would not be in the position to control it. 

As kids, we were afraid of the dark because we don’t know what is lurking there.  In life, our fear of the unknown is what often hinders us from making progress and discovering opportunities. 

3.  Disappointment

There are 2 aspects of disappointment that we fear – disappointing others and disappointing yourself. This fear of disappointment is sometimes the reason why we avoid venturing into the unknown.  We fear that we may not come up with expectations or we may be dissatisfied with the outcome of our efforts.  Thus, to avoid the feeling of disappointment, we stop ourselves from even trying.

2.  Ridicule

Stage fright is often a fear that we have because we’re afraid of being ridiculed.  Bad criticisms from others can instill a social fear and may result in loss of self-confidence.  We fear going out and showing our talents to the world because we fear that people might not understand and just mock or criticize us. 

This fear of being ridiculed causes a person to avoid the spotlight and possibly hold back from things that can make him whole as a person.

1.  Failure

The fear of failure is at the top of the list because it has the potential to rule over our decisions and actions.  To avoid failure, we stop trying.  Our past failures can also take a toll on our confidence so we no longer think we are capable of success. 

The fear of failure results to other negative feelings like disappointment and frustration.  And past failures can make a person reluctant to try again.  He may think, “why bother, it’s bound to fail anyway.” 


These top human fears are results of our childhood experiences and the kind of upbringing that we got from our parents.  These fears cause us to hold back from trying, make us feel that we’re not good enough to handle challenges, and shatter our dreams even before we start on the path to accomplish it.

Start a self check today.  Do you have fears?  What are they?  Are they reasonable?  If you are willing to accept that you have unreasonable fears that are holding you back.  And if you want to start a change within yourself, seek help.  The earlier that you are able to accept this, the earlier you can start taking charge of your life.  A life coach can help you banish your limiting beliefs and train your mind to think positively.  Oftentimes, you are more capable than you think.  And it takes another person to show you that. 

Sue Davey is a life coach from Melbourne.  She is the CEO and founder of Mastermind Success Coaching International helping women around the globe achieve boundless success and prosperity in all areas of their lives.