Greater clarity & focus after just one session!
"I recently had the pleasure of being coached by Sue. The sessions were well structured, inspiring and profoundly energizing. Sue helped me to reconnect with my inner wisdom to create true success! I gained clarity and focus within the first session already! Her amazing knowledge about highly effective tools to create momentum and fast results are the most perfect addition to her lovely personality. I highly recommend Sue's coaching to any woman looking to create massive success!"

Coco H – British Columbia, Canada

Finally moved through MANY personal issues…
“Sue is a wonderful life coach. During my three sessions with Sue, she made me feel like I was in a private, caring, trustworthy space with wonderful energy. I felt like I could be really open and through this I moved through many personnel things. I look forward to my next session with Sue. If you’re wanting to move forward in your life and feel amazing after each session, I would recommend Sue as she take you to the place you need to be, feeling fantastic and start having the confidence grow. Look forward to my next session Sue!”

Theresa M – Melbourne Australia

Inspired by her positive energy and great knowledge!
"Sue is an EXCELLENT coach! She inspired me every session with her positive energy & great knowledge, ranging from the Law of Attraction to personal development to meditation processes to internet business… and all with a great sense of humor and infectious laugh! I love Sue~! Thank you so much for helping me with my dream! Now, it's becoming a reality!"

Kaoru M – San Francisco, CA USA

I’m now creating my own workshop content…
“I have plans to hold my first live workshop in the near future but am uncertain as to how to go about it. With Sue's guidance, I am on my way to creating workshop content that is designed to engage and educate my audience. Sue's practical tips and supportive attitude made it easy for me to step out of my comfort zone.”

Cassie L – Melbourne Australia

Sue sees the potential in everyone she comes in contact with!
"Sue's willingness to be totally present with me in our coaching sessions ensured that I really got to the meaningful and important aspects about creating change for what is most important. Sue has great presence and passion for what she does and she does it from a place of genuine caring and focus that is unique to Sue. Sue has shown commitment to each interaction that we have had and my goals and ambitions felt they were magnified for me with Sue's coaching. Sue was able to engage me from the moment that I began to speak with her and was attuned to even the nuances of what came through in our conversations. Sue is a verypositive coach. Sue has great ambition and drive and see's the potential with whomever will come in contact with her. Thank You Sue for mirroring back to me my potential.”

Ayfer – Social Worker- Melbourne

Helped me take that big step…
“I am a teacher and mother to two little daughters. With the experience of motherhood, my entire world picture and inner calling changed.
Sue has been guiding me along the way, empowering me with her positivity, acceptance and knowledge.I enjoyed every single coaching session, feeling motivated and committed.Sue has helped me make that big step out of my programmed self towards the life of my dreams.”

Silviar – Perth Australia

Easy-to-implement strategies got me back on track!
“Sue is a very confident, successful and astute not only Coach but businesswoman. Her approach to Coaching is unique, individual and personalized and she is very intuitive to what her client really needs by listening and resonating very closely. Sue assisted me greatly in identifying what wasn’t working for me and why and developed fast to implement strategies to get me back on track. Within a week she had identified the gaps and filled them and results are now starting to show. I would highly recommend Sue to anyone in business looking to create results and success in a tight time frame.”

Fiona – Victoria Australia

Thank you so much with your help I found my WHY…
“Sue is an excellent mentor and has helped me achieve so much. I found her through google search when I was so frustrated and confused about my life and where I was heading. I love her holistic approach and intuition really understanding what I needed at that time. I have re hired Sue to help me leap to the next level. I highly recommend Sue to anyone wanting results and wanting it fast.”

Lisa – Sydney Australia

You have made such a significant difference in my life…
“Just want to say thank you and let you know that you have made such a significant difference in my life. Your laser like focus intent, compassionate, authentic self has made an impact in my life. You are a gift to my word. Thank you Sue!”

Michelle – Melbourne Australia

I have already achieved so many of my goals in such a short period of time …
“Sue is an incredible coach and mentor. She has expertise and knowledge about so many things. Sue has shown total commitment and devotion to understand my dreams, goals and has given me clear strategies to achieve my goals. I have already achieved so many of my goals in such a short period of time. I love Sue’s nurturing and inspiring style.”

Jenny – USA

I walk away from every session inspired with clear strategies and step…
“Sue is a very powerful and focused, result driven and caring coach I have ever known. I have now been working with Sue for few months now and I look forward to our sessions. I walk away from every session inspired with clear strategies and step in how to take my life to the next level.”

Mandy – Sydney Australia

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