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Short Bio
Sue Davey is the CEO and founder of Sue Davey International also known as Mastermind Success Coaching International, helping women around the globe achieve boundless success and prosperity in all areas of their lives.  Sue’s passion is helping women become empowered, achieve life success, and their personal and professional goals.  Mastermind Success Coaching International provides step-by-step coaching programs, based on the latest neuroscience and research in brain plasticity, to retrain the brain to achieve success, confidence and happiness. The programs also teach how to overcome self-limiting beliefs and blockages that hold people back from achieving their goals.

Sue is a coach, mentor, mum and entrepreneur.  Legacy and charity are important to her, she has been financially supporting several children through World Vision for over 20 years, contributing to other charities, and has recently established a children’s charity supporting disadvantaged children and families achieve their full potential.  From the age of 14, Sue has been studying successful people, personal development and success strategies. She understands the power of having a coach and mentor to achieve success. Sue has had the honor of being coached and mentored by a number of international millionaires and successful leaders over the years.

Long Bio
Sue Davey was born to equip women and children to reach their utmost potential in every aspect of their lives.  Deeply committed to fully developing human aptitude, her online programs, masterminds, tools and private coaching services equip people worldwide to break barriers to their brilliance.

A leading human potential expert, holistic success coach, CPA finance and productivity expert, Sue passionately integrates neurological principles into every aspect of her work—unveiling powerful solutions that unlock potential and transform lives.

The CEO of Sue Davey International also known as Mastermind Success Coaching International, and Brainy Child Education, Sue empowers action-oriented mainly women to train their brain and change their life and she equips mums and special needs caregivers to do the same with children—ultimately unleashing the genius that lives within all of us.

Sue’s step-by-step brain training programs are a reflection of her personal step-by-step process of discovering her true potential and purpose and creating a path to prosperity around it.  Sue’s passion for developing human potential first revealed itself when she 14. While her peers were playing, Sue was often studying—people, potential and prosperity—and the gap between the three. Eager to find the avenue to abundance, Sue began her career as a CPA and quickly climbed up the corporate ladder, securing coveted finance director positions with several international companies. However, despite discovering financial abundance, Sue felt incomplete.

After giving birth to her daughter, she recognized she had also given birth to some deep-rooted limiting beliefs that were preventing her from pursuing her true purpose: to help people create a legacy. That was when everything changed.

Sue went on to create two companies, each offering scientifically-based, step-by-step solutions that help people find true happiness. A product of her own programs, Sue has since reprogrammed her personal self-limiting beliefs and blockages and opened the door to whole-life prosperity—and lives to help others do the same.

Sue is a featured columnist for various publications online and offline such as Huffington Post, Womens Network Australia, Mums Media Group, Happy Parenting, and she is also a professional source for reporters and journalists.

Her new book, “Reboot Your Mind: 7 Steps to Success for Working Mothers and Mumpreneurs” will be published during 2015.

A voice for the vulnerable, Sue helps people take small steps that result in big impact.  By activating the untapped areas of the brain that hold you back, Sue can help you begin to move forward and ultimately achieve success and wealth in every area of your life.

Sue Holds the Following Qualifications/Memberships:

  • Certified Practicing Accountant (CPA Licensed and Qualified)
  • Bachelor of Business with Distinction
  • Certified International Life and Success Coach
  • Golden Key National Honor Society top 15% (Member)
  • Australian Institute of Company Directors (Graduate)
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programing (NLP) Practitioner Certification
  • Hypnosis Practitioner Certification
  • Inspired Spirit Coaching Academy
  • Australian Institute of Fitness Certified

Sue is a Proud Member of:

  • AWCCI (Australian Women Chambers of Commerce & Industry)
  • UN Women Charity
  • Business Chicks
  • Women in Focus
  • Women's Network Australia
  • Women in ECommerce

Sue Has Expertise and Experience In The Following Areas:

  • Entrepreneurship, Small Business, Business Management, Business Development, Finance Management, Wealth Building, Strategic Planning, Start-ups, Change Management, Product Development.
  • Coaching, Mentoring, Goal Setting and Achieving, Productivity, Research, Health Nutrition and Fitness, Brain Plasticity and Neuroscience, Reaching Human Potential, NLP, Meditation, Hypnosis, Law Of Attraction, Universal Laws.
  • Over 15 years’ experience working as a Financial Controller, Company Director, Company Secretary for number of large international companies.
  • Worked part-time for a number of years as a University lecturer, career mentor and private consulting.

Sue's Interests Include:

Helping People, Human Potential, Personal Development, Reading, Research, Adding Community Value and Make a Difference, Charity, Entrepreneurship, Mentoring and Coaching, Brain Plasticity and Neuroscience, Yoga, Meditation, Hypnosis, Holistic Health.

Sue resides in Melbourne, Australia.


Sue Davey International also known as Mastermind Success Coaching International is a leading training, coaching and mentoring organisation, specialising in the areas of success, wealth/money, productivity, maximising human potential, mindset and neuroscience brain training for success.

Our mission is to service, empower and support mainly women and mothers to reach their full potential, overcome road blocks and limiting beliefs, and achieve astonishing success and wealth using proven systems and strategies.

We provide training, coaching and mentoring in the areas of goal achievement, success strategies, finance and wealth creation and money management, productivity.


1. Compassion
2. Empowerment
3. Self Education
4. Integrity
5. Impact
6. Authentic
7. Partnership


We offer customised training, coaching, mentoring, workshops to individuals and businesses. These can be delivered online or in person at the location depending on availability.
We provide step-by-step customised blue print programs based on the latest neuroscience and proven research based success strategies to get results fast.

Our programs deliver fast results, success, wealth, confidence, productivity and much more. They also teach how to overcome self-limiting beliefs and blockages that hold people back from achieving their goals.

We also offer trainings and workshops on topics such as goal setting, productivity, finance, wealth creation and money management.

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