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Sue Davey Bio

 Sue Davey Success Coach

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Sue Davey’s passion of helping people become empowered is evident in all the projects she takes on and all the programs she develops.

She is an advocate for success, education, wealth building, neuroscience and human potential.


Her focus is two-fold:

  1. Guidance around the importance of early childhood development and education, as well as helping children reach their full potential.
  2. Supporting entrepreneurs in finding their passion, overcoming their limiting beliefs, and helping them achieve success and financial wealth in every area of their lives.

Sue is the CEO and founder of 2 successful businesses, philanthropist, author, columnist, CPA finance expert and human potential expert, loving mother, and a leading holistic success & wealth coach that helps people worldwide achieve boundless success and financial freedom. Her book titled “Wiring Your Brain For Success” will be launched during early 2015.

CEO & Founder, Sue Davey International
(trading as Mastermind Success Coaching International)
CEO & Founder, Brainy Child Education
Leading Success Coach CPA Finance Expert
Unlocking Human Potential Expert

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