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"Discover Your Unique Genius, Talents, And Purpose...
Unleash Your Deepest Passion ... And Begin Achieving
Your Most Heartfelt Desires"
Let entrepreneur, author, and success coach Sue Davey help you
develop the drive and skills it takes, with the holistic "whole life" system that's
GUARANTEED to give you what you NEED to SUCCEED!
  • Eliminate limiting subconscious beliefs and indecision
  • Map out a plan to turn your Passion into an income
  • Achieve an ideal work-self-family balance
  • Learn to attract and manage money in your life
  • Plot a course from where you are to where you want to be
  • Find energy and time for the things you love
  • Overcome fear and the worry habit
  • Live a life of significance
Let's face it...

We all want to "be somebody"... to make a difference in the world, and leave a legacy – whether large or small.

The last thing we want is to pass through this life silently, and not be noticed.

Unfortunately, many women simply don't know HOW to achieve all those lofty goals they hold deep in their heart – be they business goals, family goals, or community-oriented.

And so, overwhelmed by the pressures and worries of daily life – like how to balance the responsibilities of work and home, how to squeeze all their children's activities into the day, where to pinch the pennies from for the new car repairs, when they'll have a chance to catch up on sleep, how will they ever pay for their kids' education, where they can find the support they need – and feeling pulled (stretched, even, like Silly Putty) in too many directions at once...

The idea of "finding themselves", living their dreams, and changing the world, ends up taking a distant back seat to just "getting by". And their idea of a "big goal" is just getting through one day, so they can do it all again the next.

It's a crying shame

Self-doubt begins to creep in. Belief wanes. Confidence crumbles.

And eventually, many women – far too many – just ... give up. On themselves. On their dreams. On ever becoming a "woman of significance". (At least, beyond the walls of their own home. And some women, sadly, question even THAT much.)

And that's a crying shame!

Because even though tackling our biggest fears and our most daunting challenges can be ... well, scary and challenging ... the cold, hard truth is: NOT doing so carries a much higher price!

That's why we often hear of women (and many men, too) who wind up living a passionless, zestless life of failure after failure, bored and depressed, drifting aimlessly without a dream ... without a purpose ... without so much as an identity they could put their finger on.

I see it all the time. But I certainly don't want to dwell on such things today because...

It doesn't have to be that way any longer!

Now here's the good news:
Turning your life around is usually much easier than you'd think
once you discover your life's Purpose, and unleash your Passion on it!


Hi, I'm Sue Davey – serial entrepreneur and business owner, philanthropist, author and columnist, CPA, success- and wealth-coach ... and mother.

And although I enjoyed a fairly comfortable and well-cared-for youth, with terrifically supportive parents, and later a rewarding career in the field of Finance...

Like many other women, after the birth of my daughter I suffered from Post-Natal Depression. (This, even after studying success principles and positive mental attitude strategies since the age of 14. So if you've ever dealt with the same condition, please know you're not alone – it can happen to ANY woman.)

Yes, I love my daughter, and always have … but at that time, I felt miserable! I wanted to be so much more than "just a mother" … and I wanted desperately to make a difference to more than my family.

I just didn't feel important, valued, and appreciated. I wanted to be understood, validated, and respected. I wanted reassurance that I still mattered to more than my daughter. I guess, in a nutshell, I became extremely sensitive to certain emotional needs I didn't feel were being met.

Maybe you've been through something similar – maybe not. I'm certainly not the only one!

But you've probably had many of the same thoughts and concerns, and felt many of the same emotions.

That big "Ah-HA!" moment...
Anyhow, that's when I began seriously questioning where my life was heading, what I really stood for (ie: "my Purpose"), and what I wanted to achieve on a more meaningful level.

My big ah-ha moment hit me one morning when I woke up tired and unhappy, yet again. I remember thinking…

"I am obviously not happy, right now. Do I want to be in the same place, feeling the same way, six months from now? A year from now?"

The answer of course was a big fat "NO!"

That's when a light bulb came on for me. I decided to live a passionate and happy life where I could make a difference and leave a legacy. (Trouble was – I knew it was going to take a lot of work on my part.)

The REASON WHY I felt so unhappy and unfulfilled was some lingering childhood programming, and subconscious limiting belief, that said: "When I become a mother, I will have to stay at home and just look after my child – otherwise, I'm being selfish."

All my daily actions and feelings were being driven mindlessly from this deep-rooted (but false!) belief … and I wasn't even aware of it.

…and how all my years of study can mean
a whole new way of living for YOU
Now, as a leading holistic success and wealth coach helping people around the globe achieve boundless success and wealth in all areas of their lives…

My greatest passion is helping others (just like you) determine what "success" means for them – both personally and professionally – and then achieve it!

Like I said, I've been studying the masters of success principles and many modern human potential visionaries, since I was only 14 – more than 25 years, now. (Even back then, part of me knew I'd need all that, someday.)

And I've boiled down all that wisdom, and concentrated it into a system for high-achievement of my own. Its power and effectiveness have been proven time and time again – both in my own life, and those of my students.

Through my company, Mastermind Success Coaching International, I provide step-by-step coaching based on the latest research findings in neuroscience and brain plasticity to retrain the brain to achieve greater success, confidence, and happiness.

Now, it's time to share these incredible, easy-to-use strategies and techniques with YOU.

And that's why I'm so excited to announce a brand-new coaching opportunity:

The Step-by-Step Program to a Successful YOU!
Roadmap to get from where you are to where you want to be
Here's a quick overview of what you get...
Soon after you register, you'll receive personality and self-assessment questionnaires to complete and send back to me, to get me up to speed with who you are, and how YOU feel about yourself, before we start.

And then...

Your transformational journey really begins with a private and personal 1-on-1 strategy call from me, during which we'll review your questionnaires, examine where your life is now, sort out what you want it to be like and what you'd like to accomplish ... and then determine what you need to do or change to get there.

The whole focus here is on YOU! We'll design an individualized BLUE PRINT GPS to your success. (In this case, that doesn't stand for Global Positioning System – it's "Goals, Plans and Strategies".)

After this private call, we'll get rolling with the weekly group classes – six of them in all, each an hour or so in length, and absolutely jam-packed with life-changing content!

The 6 modules cover the following key areas:
  • Uncovering your Purpose, Passion, Mission, and Vision Values
  • Learning and using the critical strategies for success
  • Finding that all-important balance between Work, Life, and Family
  • Overcome roadblocks like fear, doubt, worry, and issues of self-worth and confidence
  • Neuroscience strategies for success creation
  • All about "Money, Finance & Wealth" (achieving financial freedom and security)
    • And each module comes complete with worksheets and exercises that boost your comprehension and retention of the lessons!
    • You'll also get powerful meditations, affirmations, and subliminal recordings which will help you reprogram your mind for success.
    • You'll be given a FREE membership to the Mastermind Success Club with lifetime access to all course materials (the audio recordings of each module, the worksheets and exercises, and the meditation and affirmation recordings) and monthly support.
    • You'll get supplementary Productivity and Time/Task Management schedules to help you plan your days, weeks, and months more effectively
    • There's a Gratitude and Success Journal (like two journals in one, really) that I will autograph and mail to you anywhere in the world, free of charge, so you can record all those inspired thoughts you'll be experiencing.
    • You get daily inspirational and motivational e-mails (because when we're making BIG changes in our life, we all can benefit from a daily emotional "booster shot")
    • A beautiful, high-quality downloadable cover artwork you can use to put in your folder at home
And finally – at the end of the 6-week training – we'll hop on the phone (or Skype) for yet ANOTHER private call, just you and me, to assess how well you've grasped the course material, answer any questions you might still have, determine your progress so far ... and then lay out your next steps for the days, weeks, and months ahead.

And please bear in mind...

We're after TRANSformation, here ... not just INformation!
And it's GUARANTEED...
That's right!

Even with the lengths I'm going to ensure your success, as far as I'm concerned, I will not have done my duty to you unless YOU are thoroughly satisfied!

So here is my promise to you:

Remember, you're fully protected by my no-risk GUARANTEE...
My No-Hassle, No-Nonsense, Iron-Clad 100% Satisfaction Or Your Money Back GUARANTEE
Join me for the entire program – all six weeks of it. Complete the initial questionnaires, hop on both private calls with me, listen to the lessons, do the exercises ... basically get all you can out it.

And if, after all this, you don't agree this coaching program is worth every penny you've paid for it...

Then I will REFUND every penny – no hassle, no questions asked.

(Although I would certainly appreciate a quick note from you, saying what you didn't enjoy about it, and perhaps your suggestions for improving it.)

I can't get any fairer than that, could I?
Listen to what others say about my teaching…
Greater clarity & focus after just one session!
"I recently had the pleasure of being coached by Sue. The sessions were well structured, inspiring and profoundly energizing. She helped me reconnect with my inner wisdom to create true success! I gained clarity and focus within the first session already! Her amazing knowledge about highly effective tools to create momentum and fast results are the most perfect addition to her lovely personality. I highly recommend Sue's coaching to any woman looking to create massive success!"

Coco , – Canada
Finally moved through MANY personal issues...
"Sue is a wonderful life coach. During my three sessions with her, she made me feel like I was in a private, caring, trustworthy space with wonderful energy. I felt like I could be really open up, and through this I moved through many personal issues. I look forward to my next session with Sue. If you want to move forward in your life and feel amazing after each session, I would recommend Sue as she takes you to the place you need to be, feeling fantastic and start having your confidence grow. Look forward to my next session Sue!"

Theresa M , – Australia
Inspired by her positive energy and great knowledge!
"Sue is an EXCELLENT coach! She inspired me every session with her positive energy & great knowledge, ranging from the Law of Attraction to personal development to meditation processes to internet business… and all with a great sense of humor and infectious laugh! I love Sue~! Thank you so much for helping me with my dream! Now, it's becoming a reality!"

Kaoru M , – USA
Sue sees the potential in everyone she comes in contact with!
"Sue's willingness to be totally present with me in our coaching sessions ensures I really get to the meaningful and important aspects of creating change for what is most important. Sue has great presence and passion for what she does, and does it from a place of genuine caring and focus that is unique to her. She has shown commitment to each interaction we've had and my goals and ambitions felt they were magnified for me with her coaching. Sue was able to engage me from the moment I began to speak with her and was attuned to every nuance of our conversations. She is a very positive coach, with great ambition and drive, and she sees the potential in whoever comes in contact with her. Thank you Sue, for mirroring back to me my potential."

Ayfer , – Australia
Helped me take that big step...
"I am a teacher and mother to two little daughters. With the experience of motherhood, my entire world picture and inner calling changed. Sue has been guiding me along the way, empowering me with her positivity, acceptance and knowledge. I've enjoyed every single coaching session, feeling motivated and committed. Sue has helped me take that big step out of my programmed self towards the life of my dreams."

Silvia , – Australia
Easy-to-implement strategies got me back on track!
"Sue is a very confident, successful and astute not only Coach but businesswoman. Her approach to Coaching is unique, individual and personalized and she is very intuitive to what you really need by listening and resonating very closely. Sue assisted me greatly in identifying what wasn't working for me and why, and developed fast-to-implement strategies to get me back on track. Within a week she had identified and filled the gaps, and results are now starting to show. I highly recommend Sue to anyone in business looking to create results and success in a tight time frame."

Fiona , – Australia
Thank you so much with your help I found my WHY…
"Sue is an excellent mentor and has helped me achieve so much. I found her through google search when I was so frustrated and confused about my life and where I was heading. I love her holistic approach and intuition really understanding what I needed at that time. I have re hired Sue to help me leap to the next level. I highly recommend Sue to anyone wanting results and wanting it fast."

Lisa , – Australia
I'm now creating my own workshop content...
"I have plans to hold my first live workshop in the near future but was uncertain how to go about it. With Sue's guidance, I am now well on my way to creating workshop content that is designed to engage and educate my audience. Sue's practical tips and supportive attitude made it easy for me to step out of my comfort zone."

Cassie L , – Australia
You have made such a significant difference in my life…
"Just want to say thank you and let you know that you have made such a significant difference in my life. Your laser like focus intent, compassionate, authentic self has made an impact in my life. You are a gift to my word. Thank you Sue!

Michelle , – Australia
I have already achieved so many of my goals in such a short period of time …
"Sue is an incredible coach and mentor. She has expertise and knowledge about so many things. Sue has shown total commitment and devotion to understand my dreams, goals and has given me clear strategies to achieve my goals. I have already achieved so many of my goals in such a short period of time. I love Sue's nurturing and inspiring style."

Jenny , – USA
I walk away from every session inspired with clear strategies and step…
"Sue is a very powerful and focused, result driven and caring coach I have ever known. I have now been working with Sue for few months now and I look forward to our sessions. I walk away from every session inspired with clear strategies and step in how to take my life to the next level."

Mandy , – Australia

Now, here's a more detailed breakdown of all 6 weekly modules...
Module 1: Successful-YOU
  • Uncover your strengths, genius, values ... and your REASON WHY (This begins with the questionnaires you'll complete before our private call.)
  • Identify your Vision, Mission, and Goals
  • Learn the latest strategies for ACHIEVING you goals
  • Create mental and physical space for success (with mind and space de-cluttering strategies)
  • Create a "Big Vision" board
This week's lesson will help you get clear about what success means to YOU, not what others expect of you. As success means different things to different people, you need to honor your own choice.
Module 2: SuperCharged-Mind
  • Understand the power of your MIND (conscious and subconscious)
  • Tap into your subconscious road blocks and beliefs, so you can understand, acknowledge, and then change them as necessary
  • Get clear about what you don't want
  • Using affirmations and meditation tools ... as well as tapping, NLP, and EFT
This week is all about loading up your Success Toolbox with the latest proven strategies for powerizing your mental functions – both conscious and subconscious!
Module 3: SuperStar-Actions
Action and success strategies toward your Vision and Goal Success mindset , empowerment, confidence, and self-esteem Leveraging the Law of Attraction for all it's worth (because most people who say they "believe in it" really have no clue how to use it most effectively) Understanding and using the principles of Napoleon Hill's "Think And Grow Rich", Maxwell Maltz's "Psycho-Cybernetics", and the neuroscience mindset for attaining your goals
Yes, this week is all about TAKING ACTION ... and how to overcome the barriers that can get in your way.
Module 4: SuperCharged-Productivity
In week 4, you're going start striking that ideal balance between work, family, and time for yourself.
We'll also explore the myth of "Time Management" (because really, you cannot "manage" time ... so instead, we focus on TASK management)
You'll finish this module with the productivity strategies and tools you need to not only handle your many responsibilities to others ... but to find time to work on achieving YOUR goals, too!
Module 5 & 6: SuperCharged-Money
We're taking two whole weeks of the program to cover "everything money":
  • Achieving financial freedom and security
  • Becoming financially literacy (and understanding money, finances, and abundance)
  • How to manage your money wisely ... because there's no point MAKING more if you can't KEEP it!
  • Attracting abundance into your life and business
  • Creating multiple sources of income
...and so much more!
Remember, you're fully protected by my no-risk GUARANTEE...
My No-Hassle, No-Nonsense, Iron-Clad 100% Satisfaction Or Your Money Back GUARANTEE
Allison Maslan

Join me for the entire program – all six weeks of it. Complete the initial questionnaires, hop on both private calls with me, listen to the lessons, do the exercises ... basically get all you can out it.

And if, after all this, you don't agree this coaching program is worth every penny you've paid for it...

Then I will REFUND every penny – no hassle, no questions asked.

(Although I would certainly appreciate a quick note from you, saying what you didn't enjoy about it, and perhaps your suggestions for improving it.)

I can't get any fairer than that, could I?

And your investment in this coaching program:
  • 6 Live 1 Hour high-content, high-impact calls
  • The worksheets and exercises
  • The meditations and affirmations
  • The FREE 12 Months Mastermind Success Club membership
  • The Productivity and Time/Task Management schedulep
  • The combination Success and Gratitude Journal
  • The daily inspirational and motivational e-mails
  • The downloadable cover art
  • The assessment and personality questionnaires
  • AND the two 1-hour private calls with me...
Your investment in this coaching program: All 6 modules, along with the audios, the worksheets and exercises, the meditations and affirmations, the FREE lifetime Mastermind Success Club membership, the Productivity and Time/Task Management schedules, the combination Success and Gratitude Journal, the daily inspirational and motivational e-mails, the downloadable cover art, the assessment and personality questionnaires, AND the two 1-hour private calls with me...
Not $2,000
Not $997
Now only $497
This will be the only time it is offered at this price and the price will go up to $997
(And, in case it helps, I'm even offering an easy instalment plan: 4 payments of $149.)

Now only $497
4 Easy Payments of $149

This is the ONLY time this program will be offered at this low, low price. It's a special offer to YOU, and it applies only to this "inaugural" session. In return, I'm sincerely hoping you'll provide some heartfelt feedback on what you like (or even dislike) about it, so that I can use your ideas to improve the program. So I strongly urge you to take advantage of this opportunity while the entry fee is so low. (After this session, the price WILL DOUBLE will go to at least $997!)
You've heard it countless times before:
"The secret of success lies within you" and "you already possess everything you need to succeed". And although this is certainly true ... it's of little help, unless you know how to bring it OUT of you!
Let me help.
Register for this coaching program today, while you can still get in on this special pricing ... and I will be in touch to schedule our first private call together.
Love and success,

Sue Davey

CEO and Founder
Sue Davey International (Trading as Mastermind Success Coaching International)
Leading Success Coach/Mentor
CPA Finance Expert & Unlocking Human Potential Expert

P.S.  This special pricing really is a one-time only offer. If you've read this far, and still aren't sure this is for you, please read through again, just one more time. I would feel so bad if you missed out on this amazing opportunity.

P.P.S.  Your New Life is Waiting. Are You Ready?

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