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About Sue Davey

Author. Speaker. Mentor. Entrepreneur. Mother. Philanthropist. CPA Finance & Activating Human Potential Expert, Leading International Success Coaching & Training

Sue Davey is the CEO and founder of Sue Davey International also known as Mastermind Success Coaching International and Brainy Child Education. She helps women entreprenuers, women in business and working mothers, around the globe achieve boundless success and prosperity in all areas of their lives. Sue is passionate and committed in helping people reach their greatest potential, achieve life success, and personal and professional goals.

Sue is a featured columnist for various publications online and offline such as Huffington Post, Womens Network Australia, Mums Media Group, Happy Parenting, and she is also a professional source for reporters and journalists.

Her new book, “Reboot Your Mind: 7 Steps to Success for Working Mothers and Entrepreneurs” will be published during 2015.

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